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Sci-Fi/Fantasy March Madness!

championship: curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal

1. Vote for your favorite character in each category. This round closes on Wednesday, March 21st.
2. Vote with a Livejournal account only. Journals used to vote must have been created prior to March 6, 2012. ANY VOTES CAST BY A JOURNAL CREATED AFTER MARCH 6 2012 WILL NOT COUNT. This is to prevent any potential instance of ballot-stuffing. I am checking votes and journals. Feel free to participate in the comments and campaign, but your vote will not count.
3. Comments are for campaigning and fun.
4. The Big Damn Fandom Suggestion Post is up and ready for your input.

Updated Bracket // 2012 schedule

Pimp Codes:

Samantha Carter:

Aeryn Sun:


Poll #1827457 2012 Sci-Fi/Fantasy March Madness Championship Round
This poll is closed.

Ruler of the Universe:

Samantha Carter (Stargate SG-1)
Aeryn Sun (Farscape)

STOP. Only votes from LJ accounts created prior to the competition period (March 6, 2012) will be considered valid in order to prevent ballot-stuffing. DO NOT HIT SUBMIT IF YOUR JOURNAL DOES NOT MEET THIS REQUIREMENT. I will check the creation date of every journal if I have to. If the last round is any indication (6 votes separating Susan Ivanova and Aeryn Sun), this may be pretty close and no one wants it to come down to a technicality.

If you’re so inclined, head on over to the Big Damn Fandom Suggestion Post!

ETA (3:15pm EST on March 20): QUIT CHEATING, OR AT LEAST BE LESS OBVIOUS. In doing some spot checking, I've noticed that people have voted (in this round and in others) with multiple accounts. All are valid date-wise, but easily identifiable as duplicate votes: similar usernames, userinfo directly referencing another journal that's also voted, accounts that are clearly RP accounts, etc. I'm onto you. Unfortunately, there is no way for me to police this form of ballot-stuffing. So I'm just going to say please don't.
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