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Sci-Fi/Fantasy March Madness

(engaging thrusters, captain)

Sci-Fi/Fantasy March Madness!
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Welcome to the Sci-Fi/Fantasy March Madness!

How this works:
For each fandom, two characters will move on from prelims: one male, one female. In cases like Star Wars where there’s really only one female character - unless you start digging around for recurring or minor roles - they’ll automatically move forward.

Only vote with an LJ account. Any votes submitted via an account that was created in March 2012 will be discounted (read: you had to be a legit LJ member before this; no creating accounts just to vote). You can change your votes up until the point at which polls close.

Dude, Where's My Fandom/Character?:
Rather than dig down deep in the annals of (potentially crap, because there's a lot of that) sci-fi/fantasy to come up with 64 contestants, the fandoms were knocked down to 32 with the idea of having two characters from each fandom move on from the preliminary round.

Any fandom included in f_march_madness was excluded from this year's sf_marchmadness inaugural bracket. We know that this means we're excluding major sci-fi/fantasy powerhouses like Harry Potter and The X-Files. Depending upon response, we'll reconsider that policy next year.

Please don't whine if your fandom wasn't included this year; if there's enough response, we'll have a Big Damn Fandom Suggestion Post at the end of it for next year.

Additionally, characters were chosen based on what Wikipedia and common sense stated were main/important characters to the fandom. So, apologies all around if your favorite minor recurring character isn't an option.

Campaign like crazy. Have fun.

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